Where to invest $10,000 in January 2019.

With the recent market sell-off, there are now a number of great companies on the ASX that represent excellent value for long term investors. And with interest rates continuing to be at all time lows in Australia, if I had $10,000 in a savings account here is where I would invest it:

ResMed is the leading business in the treatment of sleep apnea. The business has opportunities to expand into the Chinese market, and is also moving into the digital health market via acquisitions and partnering with Google’s healthcare arm. Read more here.

Collins Foods has seen strong growth on the back of KFC store acquisitions and the introduction of Taco Bell into the Australian market. This growth is likely to continue, along with this, a dividend increase this year. The CEO has also been selling shares to pay his tax liability and along with the recent sell-off this has seen the stock price drop to very attractive levels. Read more here.

Despite the strong headwinds, regulatory changes, and the slowing of the housing market in the short term, the business is still in excellent financial position. With a 9% gross dividend being paid, which although is unlikely to increase in the near future, it is also unlikely to decrease. Read more here.

Whilst I cannot tell you if 2019 with be positive or negative for the Australian market, I can tell you that over the long term average gains are around 10%, so it is worth taking the risk.

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