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Should I invest my 2019 tax return?

It’s that time of year again when we all get excited about the prospect of receiving a lump sum courtesy of the Australian Tax Office. However, with the market at all time highs and the Reserve Bank dropping the cash rate should investors hold on to their tax returns? Whilst I cannot tell you if

Short-Selling on the ASX Explained

Traders can short sell asx stocks because they believe that a company’s share price is heading down. They sell it now at a high price with the aim of buying it back at a lower price, with the difference between the two prices being the profit. It’s pretty much the opposite of how investors usually

Where to Invest in February 2019?

With interest rates at all time lows, the RBA hinting at the possibility of a rate cut, and with the recent market sell-off, there are now a number of great companies on the ASX that represent excellent value for long term investors. If I have cash in a savings account here is where I would

NAB top executives cave to pressure

The National Australia Bank Ltd. (ASX: NAB) share value will face a stormy session tomorrow when its top 2 executives gave in to pressure and declared their resignation when the market closed today. The bank has conjointly taken the chance to report its quarterly business update, maybe in hope that investors wouldn’t be too bothered

Dicker Data 2019 outlook

Dicker Data (ASX: DDR) is the largest locally owned ICT distributor in Australia, the business has successfully achieved revenue and profit growth consistently for the last 15 years. The founder-led information technology hardware distributor has a current stock price of $2.82 and an impressive dividend yield of just over 6% fully franked. With a solid

Where to invest $10,000 in January 2019.

With the recent market sell-off, there are now a number of great companies on the ASX that represent excellent value for long term investors. And with interest rates continuing to be at all time lows in Australia, if I had $10,000 in a savings account here is where I would invest it: ResMed (ASX:RMD) ResMed

Is Flight Centre’s Stock set to rise?

The Flight Centre stock price (ASX:FLT) has started this year almost exactly the same as it started last year, however the more important issue is whether the business has changed. Investors appeared to see the outlook of Flight Centre positively at the beginning of 2018, with the share price rising over 40% to a high

Challenges set to continue for Regis Healthcare

During the last trading day shares of Regis Healthcare Limited (ASX:REG) fell by over 5% to $2.59, and have now dropped nearly 40% since the $4.20 high of 2018. Is this trend set to continue? 2019 is set to be a challenge for the traditionally defensive healthcare sector, because of the federal election and a

Should investors take the offer?

Discount retailer The Reject Shop (ASX:TRS) has encountered a 54% drop in its share price, from $5.26. They have now downgraded their profit forecast for the first half of 2019 to $11 million down from $18 million. So should investors take up the $2.70 unconditional offer made by Billionaire Raphael Geminder? The question is can

Will ResMed stock price continue to grow?

ResMed (ASX:RMD) is the leading business in the treatment of sleep apnea. 2018 has seen the stock price up over 40% from $10.78 to $16.23, but is there still room to grow? The business is centered in the US, however they have opportunities to expand into the enormous Chinese market. ResMed have also expanded into