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Where to Invest in February 2019?

With interest rates at all time lows, the RBA hinting at the possibility of a rate cut, and with the recent market sell-off, there are now a number of great companies on the ASX that represent excellent value for long term investors. If I have cash in a savings account here is where I would

Top ASX Stocks for 2019

After a dismal end to 2018, we start 2019 with a renewed hope. However, I cannot tell you if 2019 with be positive or negative, but I can tell you that over the long term average gains are around 10%, so its worth taking the risk. There a number of great companies on the ASX

Collins Foods CEO Sells

Collins Foods (ASX:CKF) has dropped 15% from its record high last month, as the latest announcement released explains the CEO, Graham Maxwell, has started selling his shares to fund a tax liability. But does this mean you should sell too? Collins Foods has seen strong growth on the back of KFC store acquisitions and the